smartphone with pre-installed applications (SMART BC, SMART LFWD, SMART-OSP)


smartphone SMART-BC, SMART LFWD, SMART OSP (Android) smartphone, ready to be used. Price includes: QR Instrument Presentation, Leve-0 Free, Option Level-1, or Level-2 with applications, Ready-to use.

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What do you measure? Who is recommended?

It is suitable for measuring degree of compaction % and bearing capacity (MPa). CWA15846, MSZ15846, ÚT2-2.124. Recommended for demanding engineers and laboratories. Measurement accuracy +/- 1Trd%, Ed +/- 2.6Mpa. Measurement range Trd% = 75-100%, Ed = E2 = 2-500 Mpa.

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Tömeg 0,1 kg
Méretek 7 × 11 × 18 cm
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