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Our company founded in 2015. Its aim is to develop several Civil Engineering measuring instruments using smartphone applications. The company’s capital is HUF 3 million (10 thousand EUR). According to our plans, the company transformed to Ltd and develops and distributes the developed products.

In the framework of the GINOP2.1.7.-15-2016-00179 project, which was won in 2017, the Hungarian Government and the Union have enabled them to implement the project „Dynamic compactness and Bearing capacity measurement prototype development” developed for the SMART-BC smartphone.

The prototype under development SMART-BC (SP-LFWD) is world-class in the construction industry. A single instrument replaces several earlier different instruments using a new theory and new measuring method, replacing the previous environmental pollution, isotope measurement. With a single smartphone instrument, a 12-bit geotechnical parameter can be defined, which provides significant information to the Contractor, Engineer.

We are designing many other SMART instruments and devices that can be implemented with the dynamic propagation of XXI century ITC technology. Our head office is in Hungary Debrecen Mikszáth K u 29, Our office is in the FÖNIX office building (Debrecen Csapó u 42). Contact:, our website:

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