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LFWD Bearing capacity measuring equipment SP- (German Type) BP-LFWD-WIRE traditional


German LFWD” dynamic load capacity meter with 300mm large plate, wired.
Price includes: QR-instrument display, data storage, charger, cables, suitcase, measuring software Level-0 free, plate and drop weight, 1 year warranty

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What do you measure? Who is recommended?

Load capacity meter Evd (MPa) with load p = 0,1Mpa. Big Plate D = 300mm large disc load capacity wired equipment. Standards: TP BFStB P8.3, RVS 08.03.04, ASTM E2835-11, ČS73 6192, UNE 103807, ROAD 2-2.119, C120 Bearing capacity only, conversion to E2v is required. Measurement range Evd = 5-125 Mpa. It does not measure compactness rate.


Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Hordtáska - Hossz x Szél x Mag (cm)


Tárcsa - Hossz x Szél x Mag (cm)


Rúd - Hossz x Szél x Mag (cm)



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