BC2 Simpified Compactness- and Bearing capacity measuring equipment SP-LFWD – Selfcontrol


price includes: QR-instrument presentation, manufacturer calibration, reading ruler, auxiliary table, plate and drop weight, one-year warranty. (2in1) because it replaces static load capacity and isotopic compactness. Simplified reading red line E2 = 25, yellow E2 = 40, green line E2 = 65MPa, Compactness: simple reading with template.Ed = E2 NO conversion! Trd% = Trg% NO conversion!

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What do you measure? Who is recommended?

It is suitable for measuring degree of compaction% and bearing capacity (MPa). Recommended for SME and ISO-9001 self-monitoring. Recommended for contractors, controllers, technical inspectors. Not qualified measuring system.
Engraved rod scale with 0.2mm accurate reading. CWA15846 and MSZ15846, according to ÚT2-2.124. Measurement accuracy +/- 1Trd%, Ed +/- 2.6Mpa. Measurement range Trd% = 75-100%, Ed = E2 = 2-500 Mpa.


Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Tárcsa - Hossz x Szél x Mag (cm)


Rúd - Hossz x Szél x Mag (cm)



KKV és Kivitelezőknek és ISO 9001 önellenőrzés

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